QuickBooks Error 6150

What is QuickBooks Error 6150 & How to Fix It?

QuickBooks error 6150 is a company file error that prompts while working on the company file. There could be various causes for the error to be generated and hence it prompts the software. There are various other errors that are a result of the company file being corrupt or unable to open. QuickBooks Error 6073 is a similar error that has familiar causes.

QuickBooks however is a multi-usability software that tracks down every second information of the business. In this article, we will describe the causes and the solutions to the QuickBooks Error 6150. These solutions would allow you to fix the issue by yourself and within no time.

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What is QuickBooks error 6150, – 1006? 

QuickBooks error – 6150, – 1006 is one of the regularly experienced errors that could be seen when the client finds that users can’t open the company file. At the point when the client experiences this error, the absolute first thing to do is to distinguish the real reason, and afterward, move to the settling strategies. If you are additionally confronting any such error, this will help in fixing it with no issue. 

Variables that may trigger this error – 6150, – 1006 

  • Damaged or Corrupted company files may trigger this kind of error. 
  • PC tainted with CryptoWall infection can likewise wind up this kind of error. 
  • Debased installation of QuickBooks work area. 
  • The company file is defiled or contaminated with the infection. 
  • At the point when you are attempting to open a compact file without opening the QuickBooks work area. 

Important Focuses to Recall: 

If the organizer where the QuickBooks company file is put away has a decrypt instructions record, then, at that point, the system is contaminated. Alongside the QuickBooks company file, the CryptoWall infection can damage the different files and projects too. Likewise, Intuit Data Services will not have the option to fix the contaminated files for the debasement is serious. 

Limitations, you need to know about the recovery through “QuickBooks Auto Recovery.” 

QuickBooks auto-recovery isn’t attainable with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprises. 

  • It isn’t accessible with the “Bookkeeper ” 
  • There lies a file-size limit ( bound to 1.5 GB as it were) 
  • The QB Work area should be updated with the most recent variant.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6150

  • The company file is damaged. You need to create a new backup in an external storage device
  • Corrupt QuickBooks installation
  • Opening QuickBooks file without the software being launched
  • Incorrect file extension
  • The company file is infected by malware or virus

How to Resolve The QuickBooks Error 6150

There are various resolutions to fix this error & some of them are mentioned below

1. Solution One: Use Backup to Regain The Company File

  • Select QuickBooks > File > Restore Company
  • Go to restore a backup company and then tap next
  • Go to local backup and then tap next
  • Mark the company file location in the system
  • Click the backup (the file extension of the backup should be .qbb)
  • Open the file and tap next
  • Save the backup file to a preferred location
  • Select a new company file name and save the file (the file extension will automatically save the backup with the .qbw extension
  • Tap yes to delete the previous file and continue with the software

2. Solution Two: Make A New File Altogether

  • Select QuickBooks
  • Under no company open wizard, make a new company file
  • In the setup wizard, enter the information asked for
  • Once you have filled in all the data, tap create a company file
  • Start all the procedures with the new company

3. Solution Three: Use Auto Recover

  • Get all the lost transactions from the log file and the duplicate company file
  • Both of these files will allow you to create new data files (do not add the transactions of the last few hours).

QuickBooks is software with astonishing features and highlights to make your business more proficient and productive. The Quickbooks Error 6150 in QuickBooks can be fixed with the solutions above.

Need Professional Help?

In case you are still unable to resolve the error, you can contact our QuickBooks customer support team on smb_accountants and get insights about the error from the knowledgeable and skillful professionals who are available 24/7 to assist you.

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What are the points to remember before starting fixing the QuickBooks Error 6150?

1. Check that if there is the DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS (.txt or .html) document then your system is corrupted and you have to fix this immediately
2. The intuit data services won’t repair the infected files are extremely corrupted 
3. The CryptoWall virus can corrupt or harm other files and programs too along with your QuickBooks files.

What if there is the CryptoWall virus that causes QuickBooks Error 6150 on your computer while working on QuickBooks Desktop?

1. Go to the Start menu on your Windows desktop
2. Type the File Explorer in the search box and press enter button to open it
3. You can also directly click on the File Explorer icon on the Taskbar to open it
4. After opening File Explorer, open the QuickBooks Folder that is located on the C: drive
5. Now look for the files that have the instructions or decrypt (.txt or .html).

How does the express start of the QuickBooks company file resolve QuickBooks Error 6150?

1. Write all the required details in the QuickBooks Setup window
2. Now choose the option Create Company  file
3. When the file creation is done
4. Create the customers, Chart of Accounts, and services
5. You can also do it later by selecting the option Start Working.



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