How to Adjust QuickBooks Sales Tax Payable

How Do I Calculate Sales Tax Payable in QuickBooks?

Tax payments are very much important and if you pay something to someone, you definitely want to know that how much you owe to the tax agencies. Now look below that how you can view your sales tax liability report and how you can record the one particular tax payment.

For viewing the sales tax liability follow the steps below:

  • Choose sales tax then view the sales tax liability report.
  • This report will surely show the tax amount of the sales and the tax that is being owed.

How to Record The Tax Payment

  • Choose sales tax after that select the sales tax owed list.
  • Click record tax payment.
  • Enter the information that is being needed.
  • Click on the print if you want the print of it and if you need to check the payment then click on the record payment and print check.

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